200 Great Games for Windows

Includes our 200 best Windows games with our easy-to-use 
automatic installation program!

Listed below are just some of the games that are included on this CD-ROM:

123Learn, Abacus, Aforce, Air Hockey, Amnesia, Asteroids, Attaxx,
Slot Machines, Bago Bastille, BCubes, Blackjack, Bricks, Bridge, Checkers,
Chess, Chomp, Concentration, Craps, Cribage, Crossword Puzzles, Hearts,
World Domination, Empire, Football, Gatling, GoldHunt, Hangman, Hextris,
Hyperoid, Knight, Lunar Lander, Mahjong, Magic, MazeMaker, Merlin, Mines,
Miser, Missile Attack, MsChomp, Ouija Board, Paigow Poker, Poker, Puzzles,
Python, Roulette, Sheep, WarGames, WormWar, Yacht, Yahtzee, Zone One.

200 Great Games for Windows requires Windows 3.1, CD ROM Drive,VGA.
Software for IBM/Compatible 386 or higher computers.