ProTA: Charting and Technical Analysis Software for Mac OS X

This Pack includes: ProTA 3.21 + ProTA Gold 3.21 + ProTA User Manual

ProTA is charting, technical analysis and portfolio tracking for the stock market, 
mutual funds, futures and options markets. Specially designed for Mac OS X users. 

See Screenshot here:

There are two type of products available:

* Fully automated data downloading with support for dozens of data formats.
* Fast, easy point-and-click database access and management.
* Object-oriented charting interface for easy customization and control.
* Over 50 built-in technical indicators and line studies.
* Trade tracking and automated portfolio pricing.

ProTA Gold:
* Included all of ProTA's features.
* A comprehensive formula-building language to add your own indicators and analytics.
* Trade System Modeling, Buy/Sell indications, P&L tracking.
* Parameter Optimization.
* Database Scanning.
* Extensibility. Download new indicators, trading systems, database scanning ideas for 
free from BeeSoft or share with other ProTA Gold users.

* Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
* G4, G5, Intel processor.
* 1280 width or larger display recommended.

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