The Lovers

Young and inexperienced couple Geoffrey & Beryl have differing views on what is acceptable before marriage

Broadcast:	1970 - 1971  (ITV1)
Episodes:	13 (2 series)
Starring:	Richard Beckinsale, Paula Wilcox, Joan Scott, Robin Nedwell
Writers:	Jack Rosenthal, Geoffrey Lancashire
Production:	Granada Television

Relationship comedy following the lives of on-and-off lovers Geoffrey and Beryl, young Mancunians of the first generation growing up after the 1960s' sexual revolution.

Whilst she dreams of the perfect, idyllic white wedding (in every sense), he craves carnal knowledge of her. She, in fact, has mixed feelings about 'Percy Filth'; and although he'd never admit it, 'Geoffrey Bubbles Bon Bon' is actually rather intimidated by her - not to mention her feminine wiles. But will they ever get to that glorious day...?

Series 1 (1970)

1. Sardine Sandwiches
First Broadcast: Tue 27th October 1970
After bumping into each other in the street after 13-odd months apart, erstwhile couple Geoffrey and Beryl are reunited as he walks her home. But how did her mum know to make his favourite sardine sandwiches for supper?

2. The Date
First Broadcast: Tue 3rd November 1970
Beryl gets a curious idea in her head about macho male and pandering female dating behaviour, and endeavours to have Geoffrey become far more dominant over her. As long as he chooses what she wants, of course.

3. Freckle Face
First Broadcast: Tue 10th November 1970
Beryl's mother seems suddenly strangely keen that she join the permissive society. Scrabble's hardly romantic, after all! Is this really the sort of conversation a mother and daughter should be having? Meanwhile, Geoffrey's friend and colleague Roland has a little news and advice for his pal.

4. Brainwashing
First Broadcast: Tue 17th November 1970
Saturday. It's Beryl's day off, and she and Geoffrey head to Rochdale by train, to visit her old work colleague Sandra - now sort-of-happily married and a new mother. It seems more than a little bit of a stitch-up to Geoffrey, but he could get more out of it than he imagines.

5. A Pipe And A Moustache
First Broadcast: Tue 24th November 1970
Beryl's had a brainwave: there are some things about Geoffrey she'd like to change. He'd look smashing with a moustache, and could do with smartening up a bit. A little bit of jealousy should do the trick, and a double-date with Roland is the perfect playing ground.

6. The Truth Game
First Broadcast: Tue 1st December 1970
When Beryl insists on playing a girlie game of 'what would you change about me', relations between the duo go from bad to worse. Geoffrey almost falls to pieces, but promise of spare crumpet at an upcoming party proves irresistible. Is the final end for the eponymous lovers in sight?

Series 2 (1971)

1. The Engagement
First Broadcast: Thu 7th October 1971
An argument in a record shop is the last straw for both Beryl and Geoffrey - the relationship's off, and for good this time. After all, there's no way they're right for each other, is there?

2. Breaking It Off
First Broadcast: Thu 14th October 1971
Engagement. Betrothal. Is this really it? Beryl's delighted - at long last - but Geoffrey's not quite sure how he proposed, or whether he wants it. As the sort-of happy couple wrestle over a notice in the local newspaper, Beryl's mum is far more concerned with organising a party.

3. Birthday
First Broadcast: Thu 21st October 1971
Things are far more 'off again' than 'on' for Beryl and Geoffrey after the disastrous melodrama of the party. But with her 20th birthday fast approaching, who'll act first, and what might they do?

4. Joint Bank Account
First Broadcast: Thu 28th October 1971
With the engagement back on, Beryl kicks into overdrive. After all, if they're to be married in a mere 6 months, they'd better start saving and making important choices now. Predictably, Geoffrey's far from enthused by her eagerness - or the thought of sharing his wage.

5. The Better Homes Exhibition
First Broadcast: Thu 4th November 1971
Geoffrey finds himself coerced into attending an exhibition of the latest developments in home furnishings, architecture and lifestyles. Beryl dreams of making a happy life with her man, but he thinks he's falling out of love with her more every time she mentions houses. And all he ever wanted was a spud gun!

6. Trail Marriage
First Broadcast: Thu 11th November 1971
It's getting late, and Geoffrey's not left Beryl's yet. If he doesn't hurry up he could miss his last bus, and then what? Her mum might be away, but she'd never let him stay - would she? It all seems a bit much for G. P. Scrimshaw.

7. The Best Laid Plans
First Broadcast: Thu 25th November 1971
As Geoffrey learns of the full extent of Beryl's plans for the wedding, the pressure begins to build again. A chat with Roland could hold an escape plan, but just how will Beryl react - and does he really want to take a way out?


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