Bruce Springsteen
November 26th, 1996
Asbury Park, NJ
Paramount Theatre
Time: 2:35:50

Maxell XLII-90 High Position(CrO2) tapes--Pyle PT-649D Cassette deck--DigitNow USB--> Audacity 3.1.3-->24/48.wav files-->--Goldwave 5.58(insert silence at start of each disc, volume adjustments, equalization)-->Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16(slight cleaning, slight mastering)-->Audacity 3.1.3(noise reduction)-->CD Wave Editor(track splits)-->TLH(level 8, verify, SBE check)-->16/44.1.flac files(tagged with Mp3Tag)

Upload will include .md5 verification file, .flac fingerprint, spectral/frequency analysis, .shntool files, and PAR2 files(for Usenet).

DISC ONE: 78:50
01) For You (5:34)*
02) It's Hard to be a Saint in the City (4:08)
03) Atlantic City (4:26)
04) Straight Time (5:43)
05) Tougher Than the Rest (5:53)**
06) Darkness on the Edge of Town (3:49)
07) Johnny 99 (4:57)
08) All That Heaven Will Allow (5:46)***
09) Wild Billy's Circus Story (4:30)****
10) Red Headed Woman (7:24)
11) Two Hearts (3:49)**
12) When You're Alone (3:47)**
13) Shut Out the Light (6:29)^
14) Born in the USA (5:30)
15) The Ghost of Tom Joad (7:05)

DISC TWO: 77:00
01) Sinaloa Cowboys (8:01)
02) The Line (7:31)
03) Racing in the Street (7:13)^^
04) Across the Border (13:36)
05) I Don't Wanna Go Home (6:27)^^^
06) Spirit in the Night (6:44)^^^^
07) Rosalita (9:04)#
08) This Hard Land (6:55)*
09) 4th of July, Asbury Park(Sandy) (11:29)^^^^

*   = with Danny Federici
**  = with Soozie Tyrrell and Patti Scialfa
*** = with Soozie Tyrrell and Richard Blackwell
****= with Danny Federici and Soozie Tyrrell
^   = with Danny Federici, Soozie Tyrrell, and Patti Scialfa
^^  = with Soozie Tyrrell
^^^ = with Danny Federici, Soozie Tyrrell, Patti Scialfa, Richard Blackwell, and Little Steven
^^^^= with Danny Federici, Soozie Tyrrell, Patti Scialfa, Richard Blackwell, Little Steven, Vinni Lopez, and Danny Gallagher
#   = with Danny Federici, Soozie Tyrrell, Patti Scialfa, Richard Blackwell, Little Steven, and Vinni Lopez

Brucebase: Much the same as the previous night. Special guests include Steven Van Zandt, Big Danny Gallagher, and Richard Blackwell in addition to those present for night two. The tour's only "All That Heaven Will Allow" is performed with Blackwell and Soozie Tyrell, and the tour's only "I Don't Want To Go Home" features Van Zandt, Danny Federici, Blackwell, Patti Scialfa, and Tyrell. The tour's final "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes a snippet of "Come A Little Bit Closer" in the intro. "Tougher Than The Rest", "Wild Billy's Circus Story", and "Spirit In The Night" also makes their final tour appearances.
Audience tape released on 'Asbury Park Night' (Crystal Cat), with bonus tracks from November and December.

Notes: Another from the tranch of tapes left at my house by Bickle back in 2008. Previous releases by Crystal Cat, and a Mauro R tape from hrubesh. This is a 3rd recorder, so this is new. There is loud coughing at the start of Straight Time. You can hear it in the other versions but it's further away. A different perspective from this recording. Bruce a little more distant. The real low passages were very low, the entire thing was, so it was raised a bit to make it understandable. Naturally the louder songs will be loud as will the applause. Overall the sound is very good. Great show with lots of guests in his adopted town!

Enjoy, Ivan