its been 3 years since my last yearly post of this book
Instinctive Nutrition v3.0 1987 Severen Schaeffer
its version 3 because i added a table of contents
i guess i sort of lost interest
not in the concept or the book, but in the population
i once thought that it would be a movement of healty people
but as the years ebbed...
it is  harder to do the diet because it costs more in time and resources
and also because people are less willing to be honest and loving
its really sad
i doubt anyone will be inspired to read this, but i am posting it because
you never know, miracles happen
but if you want to read it...
i only recomend the first part
in the first part he shows you how to eat by taste
but in the second part he tells you what to eat
so i only reread the first part
its like farenheit 451 by ray bradbury, not the book, but the scan
its my one book to carry for my entry fee to the world of the book people
i got a scanner and learned how to use foxit pdf editor and then
just scanned in this one book; using omni for ocr

and after all these years, i realize, i never included a table of contents
so without any further ado... i present
Nutrition v3.0 1987 Severen Schaeffer.pdf  CELESTIAL ARTS


Severen L. Schaeffer died in a car accident long ago, his limited
exposure to raw food was at a retreat in france
but its as good as any intro to how it works. most other ones are really garbage