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  Lust Italian Style Year 1987
  Director Fred J. Lincoln
  Minutes 93
  Adam Film World: 4 / Volcanic
  AVN: AA 1/2
  Hustler Erotic Video: 3
  Barbara Dare
  Lisa Bella
  Marilyn Jess
  Porsche Lynn
  Sharon Mitchell
  Valerie St. Cloud
  Christophe Clark
  Frank Jonathan
  Joey Silvera
  John Leslie
  Roberto Malone
  Rocco Siffredi
  Scene Breakdowns
  Scene 1. John Leslie, Valerie St. Cloud
  Scene 2. guy, Joey Silvera, Lisa Bella, Roberto Malone
  Scene 3. Barbara Dare, Frank Jonathan, guy
  Scene 4. Christophe Clark, guy, Sharon Mitchell, Marilyn Jess
  Scene 5. Porsche Lynn, Valerie St. Cloud
  Scene 6. Barbara Dare, John Leslie
  Scene 7. Porsche Lynn, Rocco Siffredi
 ============== Post info ==============
  Name:         Lust Italian Style.avi
  Size:         900,584,930
  Duration:     01:18:07
  Frame Count:  117164
  Parts:        59
  Par coverage: 5%
  Link: http://www.iafd.com/title.asp?title=Lust+Italian+Style&year=1987
  Missing bytes:  0 
 ============== Details ================
  Vid Rate(kbps): 1402
  Aud Rate(kbps): 128
  Vid Codec typ:  DX50/yv12
  Aud Codec:      0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3
  Aud CBR/VBR:    CBR
  FPS:            25.000
  Width:          320
  Height:         240
  Interleave(MS): 40
  Preload(MS):    504
  Aud Sample(Hz): 48000
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  non-commercial use. Never for profit.