Prism Communicate [Lelei Edition]

Artist: Tuka&Rory&Leilei (CV Kanemoto HIsako&Toyama Nao&Taneda Risa)
Composer: Yamada Takahiro, Nakayama Satoshi
Arranger: Yamada Takahiro, Nakayama Satoshi
Lyricist: Yamada Takahiro, Kumano Kiyomi
Release Date: August 19, 2015
Catalogue Number: 1000573544
Published by: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Compression: libflac level 5

Track list:

01 Prism Communicate
02 Toumei na, Mizu Umi
03 Prism Communicate (Lelei Solo ver.)
04 Prism Communicate (instrumental)
05 Toumei na, Mizu Umi (instrumental)

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