Madoka Magica Classic

Artists: irony. TAM. Paperblossom. Komatsuna, GIN, H.tatuki
Composers: Watanabe Sho, Kajiura Yuki, Johann S. Bach, Charles F. Gounod
Arrangers: TAM, cittan*, GIN, ice, KEIGO KANZAKI, Kei Emu
Release Date: October 16, 2011
Catalogue Number: TAM3-0080
Published by: TAMUSIC
Compression: FLAC level 5
01 "Connect" Classical ver.
02 "Mami-san no Sentou Theme" ice ver.
03 "Kyuubey no Eigyou Theme"
04 "Magia" K.M ver.
05 "Ave Maria"
06 "Mami-san no Sentou Theme"
07 "Kyuubey no Eigyou Theme" ice ver.
08 "Connect" Violin×Piano Ver.
09 "Magia" TV short ver.
10 "Mami-san no Sentou Theme" Violin x Piano Ver.
11 "Connect" Trance Remix ver. 
Ripped by Lavo
Romanized by AzuAzu, Ignis, and Wintereise
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