Kulla Gulla (1986)

Video       : 720x576 H.264
Audio       : Swedish
Subtitles   : Swedish / English

File Format : Matroska

Actresses   : Lisa Jarenskog (13)
              Astrid Gyllenkrok (5)
              Lisa Valind (7)

IMDB        : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0217944/reference/

Orphan girl Gunilla(nick named Kulla-Gulla) gets sent from her 
orphanage to work as an housemaid at sharecropper Karlbergs 
household. Among her duties is to take care of Karlberg, his 
wife and their 5 children. Karlberg rents his house from Squire 
Sylvester and has to do some work for him as well. 
One day Sylvester lays his eyes on Gunilla, and starts 
taking an interest in her, but why?


The episodes are also on Youtube, but since I coundn't understand
much I got hold of the out-of-print DVD, and OCR'd the subtitles and
auto-translated them. 

(Since it's PAL the resulution is also slightly better than on Youtube)

Nice old-fashioned story of the type I like....