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	Not yet dry behind the ears, this 19 year old is here to get dicked down by the Pale Riders. They let her have it goot, as she whimpered like a petulant brat not getting her way. She drank yellow discipline and got that pouty mouth fucked as she was pullin a lawdy jeebus like some ish went down at waffle house again. She took that yt dick down her throat goot until she was messy, then she got fucked with an NB sneaker pressing on her head because we boycotted Nike years ago. She tongued her first man ass and she was swirling her tongue around like she was doing the twist. The Vaccinated Vandal bred her good and deep to ensure another verboten limb his lineage tree, but she will get more gubment cheese. Then she took her first facial, 3 of them, as she sat there confused and covered in cum. She ate all of those tiny critters off her face like a spoonful of grits. She won't be fucked like this again for the rest of her life.

     Awhile back someone at facialabuse/latinaabuse/ghettogaggers decided to stop posting the girls names. I have most of them, but I am still missing the names from the following scenes:

-------------- 19 And Destroyed -

Amazing Potential -

Androgynous Lummox -

Beat Figorously -

Cultural Appropriation -

Fake News -

Pink, Pale, Overwhelmed -

When Amazons Attack -

LatinaAbuse  Latina Throated -

----------------------- As Macho Man Said -


Break Her Ass -


Ghetto Gaggers Chicken Head -

Good Black Obedient Bitch -

Good Black Puppy -

Hood Hardbody -

JuneTeefs -

Ordinary Average Hoodbooger -

Owned And Trained -

Painal Was The Cure -

Rusty Bling -

Underground Pale Road -

Weave Glue -