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     Awhile back someone at facialabuse/latinaabuse/ghettogaggers decided to stop posting the girls names. I have most of them, but I am still missing the names from the following scenes:

-------------- 19 And Destroyed -

Amazing Potential -

Androgynous Lummox -

Beat Figorously -

Cultural Appropriation -

Fake News -

Pink, Pale, Overwhelmed -

When Amazons Attack -

LatinaAbuse  Latina Throated -

----------------------- As Macho Man Said -


Break Her Ass -


Ghetto Gaggers Chicken Head -

Good Black Obedient Bitch -

Good Black Puppy -

Hood Hardbody -

JuneTeefs -

Ordinary Average Hoodbooger -

Owned And Trained -

Painal Was The Cure -

Rusty Bling -

Underground Pale Road -

Weave Glue -