Linux Mint 20.1 + Debian Edition 4 Collection (re-up!)

                              General Information
Type.................: Operating Systems
Platform.............: Linux / Unix
More Info............: https://www.linuxmint.com/
Part Size............: 104,960,000 bytes
Number of Parts......: 95
Compression Format...: RAR
File Validation......: SFV + PAR2
Image Format.........: .iso

                              First Remark
There's another post online called
"Linux Mint 20.1 (Cinnamon, Cinnamon Edge, MATE, XFCE) + Debian Edition 4 x64\\
Collection - "Linux Mint 20.1 + Debian Edition 4 Collection.nzb" yEnc"

There was an error uploading some archives, after which it all went south.
This version is a re-upload with all the same files, but - hopefully - all\
intact as well. If anyone knows how I could've re-uploaded these .rar files, 
please let me know. Camelsystem PowerPost just gave me the 441 error.

Enjoy these archives!

                               Post Information
Posted by............: KVK
Posted to............: a.b.misc, a.b.cd.image.linux, a.b.warez.linux
Posted on............: 07/02/2021

                                 Release Notes
A collection of Linux Mint 20.1 and LMDE 4 .iso files. These files were fetched 
on 06 February 2021 using their torrents. The files include:
- Linux Mint Cinnamon x64
- Linux Mint Cinnamon Edge x64
- Linux Mint MATE x64
- Linux Mint XFCE x64
- Linux Mint Debian Edition 4

Linux Mint 20.1 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, and is therefore an LTS release. This 
release will be supported till somewhere in 2025. Linux Mint is meant as an 
even more stable, even more user-friendly alternative to Ubuntu. Its plug-and-
play nature makes it very suitable for Linux beginners, or people who want a 
hassle-free Linux experience.
LMDE 4 is an exception to this, though. LMDE uses Debian Stable as the basis, 
not Ubuntu. LMDE and normal Linux Mint do not share their package repositories. 
LMDE 4 is based on Debian Buster (Debian 10). It is said to be quicker and more 
responsive than the normal Mint versions, though it has more rough edges and 
requires a deeper and more intimate knowledge of Linux get configured 

Which version is best for you, you ask? Let me give you a quick 'n dirty 
introduction to the four Linux Mint versions first:

- The Cinnamon DE is the most modern one of the three. It packs a bunch of 
features and new innovations and you'll be ready to go, right from the start. 
However, the Cinnamon DE does use a bit more system resources than say MATE or 
XFCE and it may not always be as stable as the other two. Crashes still are few 
and far between.

- The Cinnamon Edge DE is the most modern version of the most modern version. 
It comes with the newest Linux Kernel of the bunch (5.8) and the newest version 
of Cinnamon (4.8). If you really want a stable base with a cutting-edge DE, 
this is the one for you.

- The MATE DE is meant for people who want a good mix of stability and 
features. It is not as feature packed as Cinnamon is, but that does mean it is 
more stable and uses less system resources. 

- The XFCE DE is then meant for people who want stability first and foremost. 
It doesn't come with as many features as Cinnamon or MATE, but that does mean 
it is a rock-solid DE which uses relatively few system resources.

- LMDE 4 is meant for people who know what they are doing, or who want to learn 
what they are doing. It ships with the Cinnamon DE, but without the polishing 
that the Ubuntu-derived versions have received. It's therefore feature packed 
and very fast, but you will have to fix a hiccup every now and then.

Lastly, given that Ubuntu dropped x32 support after 18.04.x, it's no surprise 
there are no x32 images available of Linux Mint 20.1. There is an x32 image 
available of LMDE 4, but that version is not included in this post.

Have fun exploring the wonderful world of Linux!

                                 Install Notes
Use either in a virtual machine, or boot your PC using one of these files using 
the Universal USB Installer or Rufus.