(K | L | U | X)buntu + Ubuntu Budgie + Ubuntu Mate 21.04 x64 Collection

                              General Information
Type.................: Operating System
Platform.............: Linux / Unix
More Info............: https://ubuntu.com/
Part Size............: 104,960,000 bytes
Number of Parts......: 143
Compression Format...: RAR
File Validation......: SFV + PAR2
Image Format.........: .iso
Copy Protection......: lol

                               Post Information
Posted by............: KVK
Posted to............: a.b.misc, a.b.cd.image.linux, a.b.warez.linux
Posted on............: 22/04/2021

                                 Release Notes
This is a collection of Ubuntu 21.04 x64 and derivatives. The .isos were 
fetched on 22/04/2021 using their respective torrents. No files were altered in 
this process. The distributions included in this post are:
- Kubuntu 21.04 x64
- Lubuntu 21.04 x64
- Ubuntu 21.04 x64
- Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 x64
- Ubuntu Mate 21.04 x64
- Xubuntu 21.04 x64

Linux Ubuntu 21.04 is a non-LTS release, meant for people who want to have the 
newest of the newest software, or have relatively new hardware that runs poorly 
on older LTS versions of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 21.04, and its derivatives, will 
receive updates for nine monts. That is until January 2022. New features of 
Ubuntu 21.04 include the default use of Wayland as display server where 
hardware allows, a private home directory, a recovery key for encrypted 
installs, an improved integration of active directory, a better dark theme, the 
Linux 5.11 kernel and Python 3.9. If you still need Python 2.x, please take a 
good look in the mirror - you really shouldn't have to.

So, what's what?
- Kubuntu includes the KDE desktop, instead of Ubuntu's Gnome desktop. KDE is a 
different take on the desktop, made in Qt instead of GTK. KDE is just as 
functional as the default Ubuntu distribution. The main difference is the 
different UI. It'll have approximately the same requirements for your desktop. 
KDE is more Windows-like than Ubuntu, if you prefer those desktop layouts.
- Lubuntu uses LXQt as the default desktop, which is a slimmed down version of 
KDE, if you will. Lubuntu is meant for PCs that are a bit lower on processing 
power, or when you don't want all the riff-raff of a fully featured OS like 
Ubuntu or Kubuntu.
- Ubuntu is the default flavour and based on Gnome. It's got a distinct UI that 
sets it apart from the rest of the Windows-like Desktop Environments.
- Ubuntu Budgie features the Budgie desktop. The Budgie desktop is lightweight 
Desktop Environment, which runs well on both older and ndwer hardware.
- Ubuntu Mate aims at a more traditional DE, comparable to Ubuntu of the olden 
days. Mate is based on GNOME 3, and therefore GTK. Once again a DE that runs 
really well on older and newer hardware.
- Xubuntu uses XFCE as the default desktop environment, based on the GTK 
toolkit. Xfce is very stable and very robust, but also very simple. It's 
elegant, but it takes time to make it so. Runs really well on older and newer 

Lastly, given that Ubuntu dropped x32 support after 18.04.x, it's no surprise 
there are no x32 images available of Ubuntu 21.04, so please don't ask for 

Have fun exploring the wonderful world of Linux!

                                 Install Notes
Use either in a virtual machine, or boot your PC using one of these files using 
the Universal USB Installer or Rufus. Execuatables not included in this post.