PsychoPath Re-Post Flood (what I have) 2012-2017 

Everyone who follows this group is aware of the wonderful posts by 
PsychoPath. For many years he or she has been posting sets of eBooks on 
a regular basis. 

I have been collecting these posts since 2014 and also managed to 
backtrack (as far as my retention time allowed) to late October 2012. 
From late October 2012 to now I have allmost everything. Here and there 
a single eBook went missing and I missed some posts, but I think I'm at 
least 95% complete. 

Unfortunately a recent harddisk failure caused me to loose May 2015 upto 
late September 2016 and my usenet providers retention-time isn't 
suffcient to recover what I have lost. 

Most usenet services these days have a 4 to 5 year retention time. So, 
many people will be able to get back to 2018 or even 2017 by themselves. 
I'm re-posting what I have of the oldest PsychoPath sets starting with 
2012 up to and including 2017. Each post will be approx. 15 GB with 15% 
par2 added and for each post there will be a separate filelist posted as 
a plain text file. 

If anyone else has the 2015/2016 posts that I'm missing or can provide 
the 2012 and older stuff I would be very grateful if those can be 

Have fun reading!

And a special thank you to PsychoPath who made this possible.