Toto: XX Party Le Reservoir 
European Reunion Tour- May 27th 1998 -Le Reservoir- Paris/France

1.   Dave's Gone Skiing 
2.   Introduction of Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams & Bobby Kimball
3.   Goin' Home
4.   Tale Of A Man
5.   Stop Loving You 
6.   Girl Goodbye
7.   Africa
8.   On The Run
9.   Hold The Line
10.  Rosanna
David Paich - Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Lukather - Guitars and Vocals
Steve Porcaro - Synthesizers
Mike Porcaro - Bass
Simon Phillips - Drums
Joseph Williams - Vocals
Bobby Kimball - Vocals
Total running time: 1:16:00
Actual running time: 1:13:33

I got this on a trade, so no further information of used equipment, generation of the copy or else. 
But the quality is as good as possible, as long as it's a transfer from VHS to DVD.
-(lousy) menu
-Chapters all 4:44min
-video Quality 90% 
-sound quality 90%

This is the unique capture of the Reunion-Concert! 
Most of the cats all together on one stage, this is party. 
Although the quality of this DVD is not perfect, it's the only one that exists of the XX-Tour. 
And, it's no AUD-Shot :-)

Enjoy, relax, remember the old days! 

---For free trading only!! --
- Not to be sold ! -

Do not convert to avi, mpg,...
Keep it as DVD! 

Originally seeded by flynet on February 1, 2007

Additional notes:
I think the picture is the correct aspect ratio when played at 5:4. The video runs for a total of 1:16:00, but the
last few minutes are just a screen-capture of the menu. The actual content ends after 1:13:33.

It's pro-shot but because the venue is small, many of the camera angles are almost in the audience.

Media Info: PAL DVD
Video: MPEG-2, 7084 kb/s (variable), 704x576 (4:3), 25 f/s, Interlaced TFF, YUV 4:2:0
Audio: Dolby AC3, 256 kb/s, Stereo, 48 kHz