The Rollling Stones
Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990
Tokyo Dome - Feb. 26, 1990
complete show
pro shot

This source comes originally from "UrbanSteel's" 2 DVD upload on IORR. Many thanks to you, "UrbanSteel", and to "Rolling On" for the DVDs!
But "Happy" is incomplete on this version. So I patched in the missing 27 seconds at the end of "Happy" from "Tokyo 1990" (DVD 2) - Devil Productions DPDVD-01/02. Many thanks to "Keessie" for his upload on IORR!

This source has a better picture quality than "Tokyo 1990" (DPDVD-01/02). So I decided to do this upgrade.
I've provided the DVD with a main & track menu (TMPGenc DVD Author 3).
Also I've made artwork.

Lineage: IORR >> PC >> TMPGenc DVD Author 3 (patch/chapters/menu) >> DVD

Note: Size of this DVD: 4,85 GB, you need a DVD9 for burning. But you can also compress (10 %) this DVD (w. DVD Shrink) to burn it on a DVD5.

Continental Drift
Start Me Up
Sad Sad Sad
Harlem Shuffle
Tumbling Dice
Miss You
Ruby Tuesday
Almost Hear You Sigh
Rock And A Hard Place
Mixed Emotions
Honky Tonk Women
Midnight Rambler
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Can't Be Seen
Paint It Black
2000 Light Years From Home
Sympathy For The Devil
Gimme Shelter
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Brown Sugar
Jumpin' Jack Flash

running time: 148'

  codec: MPEG-2 
  frame: 720x480
  aspect Ratio: 4:3
  format: NTSC 29,97 fps 
  bitrate: 4374 kb/s
  max. bitrate: 9180 kb/s


  AC-3 - 256 kb/s - stereo 2ch