Michael Jackson At The 11th Annual American Music Awards 1984

xYear of release : 1984
Country : USA
Genre : Pop/Documentary
Duration : 34min 46sec
Translation : None

Description : Michael Jackson at the 1984 American Music Awards. He received awards in nominations:
1. Special award for merit.
2.Best Pop-Rock artist.
3.Best R&B artist.
4. Best Pop-Rock single (Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" single).
5. Best Pop Rock Album (Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Album).
6. Best Pop Rock Music Video (Music Video of Michael Jackson "Beat It").
7. Best R&B Album (Michael Jackson's Thriller Album).
8. Best R&B Music Video (Michael Jackson's "Beat It" Music Video).
The distribution contains a video from the award ceremony only with Michael.

Quality : VHSRip
Format : DVD Video
Video codec : MPEG2
Audio codec : AC3