Michael Jackson from the "Free to Be… You and Me"

xYear of release : 1974
Genre : Pop, Musical
Duration : 43min 42sec
Translation : None

Directed by : Bill Davis

Description : Free to Be Yourself is an audio musical and illustrated songbook for children, first recorded in November 1972, and later 
in 1974 as a television special featuring songs and stories from celebrities (titled "Marlo Thomas and Friends"). Using poetry, songs, 
the purpose of the musical was to instill in children the fundamental values ΓÇïΓÇïof life, such as individuality, tolerance, and happiness. 
The main theme of the film is that any boy or girl can achieve anything if desired. The musical became a cult classic in the United States 
among many people who were children in the 1970s.

Cast :
Alan Alda
Harry Belafonte
Mel Brooks
Rita Coolidge
Billy De Wolfe
Roberta Flack
Rosey Grier
Michael Jackson
Kris Kristofferson
Shel Silverstein
Tom Smothers
Marlo Thomas
Dionne Warwick
Cicely Tyson
Carol Channing
The New Seekers

Quality : DVDRip
Format : MPEG
Video Codec : MPEG2
Audio Codec : AC3
Video : VOB, 720x576, 4/3, 4179Kbps, 25,000fps, PAL
Audio : AC-3, 448Kbps, 2ch, 48, 0 kHz