PC Booster v3.7.2 Premium-P2P

Description: PC Booster refreshes and tunes your computer for better every day performance to keep it clean and run like new.

No matter how clean we keep our computers, there are always situations where clean is not enough. Old files, registry remains, unwanted data and even internet activity represent dead-weight information that can slightly or heavily influence your system performances. PC Booster is a quick and smart solution for getting rid of left-over files that slow down your PC.

Automatic scanning feature
Right from the first launch, PC Booster starts to scan your PC for unwanted files. However, the deletion of those files is not automatic, as you choose which items should be erased or skipped ΓÇô this way, deleting important information is avoided.

Also, the neatly structured interface helps you in making decisions about what type of scan must be performed, what tools are available and displays detailed information about each file that was marked for deletion.

Setup the tool to cover specific areas
If you are working with multiple drives and you need to keep them out of the process or have important files that may be identified as unwanted, you can determine the scan areas or add them to the exclusion list so they are not subjected to the scanning action.

The above features can be found in the Settings menu, the last from the side panelist. The scanning areas can be checked and unchecked, which is a quick and time-saving feature, without combo menus or tiresome windows. Regarding the exclusion list, all items need to be picked manually and individually, but there is no other method to do that anyway. Furthermore, you have a scheduler that lest you plan to scan in advance, without requiring your intervention.

Your PC specs are always on sight
Even if this feature is not relevant to the cleaning process, it is still handy, as you can have a quick peek to your most important part of your PC. The computerΓÇÖs name, OS version, CPU model and memory capacity are permanently displayed in the left part of the UI.

In conclusion, PC booster is a handy app for users that want to keep their system as clean as possible, no matter how small or insignificant the erased files are. The process is fairly simple and requires no technical skills to be easily operated.


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Release Name: PC Booster v3.7.2 Premium-P2P
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