De Danann - Selected Jigs, Reels & Songs


A1 Tom Billy's / Ryan's Jig / The Sandmount Reel / The Clogher Reel
A2 Love Will Ye Marry Me * / Byrne's Hornpipe
A3 The Broken Pledge / Jenny's Welcome To Charlie
A4 The Banks Of The Quay / Crucaharan Cross
A5 The Flower Of Sweet Strabane
A6 The Flowers Of Spring / Jackie Small's Jig
A7 The Log Cabin / Bean A' Ti Ar Lar

B1 Carolan's Draught
B2 The Banks Of Red Roses
B3 Over The Bog Road
B4 The Hags Purse / The Colliers Jig
B5 Barbara Allen
B6 Dear Irish Boy / Johnny Leary's Polkas

Arranged by De Danann
*(trad. additional Words by J. Moyihan) 

Charlie Piggot: Banjo [Tenor], Bouzouki, Mandolin, Melodeon [Ten-key Melodian], Whistle (tracks: A1 to A4, A6 to B2, B4, B6) 
'Ringo' McDonagh: Bodhr├čn, Percussion [Bones] (tracks: A1 to A4, A6 to B1, B3, B4, B6) 
Alec Finn: Bouzouki (tracks: A1 to A3, A6 to B2, B4, B6) 
Johnny Moynihan: Bouzouki, Harmonica, Mandolin, Vocals, Whistle (tracks: A1 to A5, A7, B2, B4 to B6) 
Frankie Gavin: Fiddle, Flute, Whistle (tracks: A1 to A4, A6 to B4, B6) 

Producer: Carsten Linde, De Danann, Nicky Ryan 
Sound Engineer: Conny Plank
Recorded in Conny's Studio Germany 1976

Liner Notes: C. Piggot, J. Moynihan
Artwork: Alec Finn
Photography [Back Cover]: Noel Spain