======== My Cool NFO ========

Software: Winkawaks or Nebula emulators

BIOS Files: 
   Supplied. Includes Universe Bios ver 4.0 for NeoGeo. Press A,B,C, and START together for unibios menu once you have enabled it from the Emulator.

 Plenty of that. For neogeo use either the included cheat dats or else activate the unibios. For the other machines just go to the cheat menu.

ROM Completion:

About 95%. Left out some redundant roms and a few Japanese quiz roms.

Recommended Emulator:

Nebula works the best in general. Easier to map controls. However, Nebula won't run Metal SLug 4 or 5, so Winkawaks might be a better choice if you care about those two.