Studio: Dorcel
Category: Feature, Classic, Anal, Oral, Hardcore
Director: Marc Dorcel

Starring: Laure Sainclair, Erika Bella, Anita Blond, Donisz, Ferenc, Mike Foster, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Illana Moore, Dina Pearl, Regina, Kristina Schwartz, Vivienne, Zsolt Walton, Andy Youngman.

Production Year: 1997

Synopsis: Angel or sex fiend? Laure Sainclair doesn't limit herself to setting fire of lechery to her consenting victims. She participates in their sexual games and amply benefits by the bunch of perverse storms she started.

Tipe: DVD5 disk
Time: 1h 21mn    
Video: 720x576, MPEG2 PAL, ~6182 Kbps avg
Audio: English, Deuth, Italiano, Espaniol: 48 kHcz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 (L,R) ch, ~192.00 kbps avg
Subs: Sveden, Duth, Portuges