I have a question for you all.  What the hell do you think you are doing?  Have you no concept of what is in your own interest? Here you have the greatest data sharing system ever devised and you are letting it die. What are you waiting for?  Post you idiots. 

Is it too much to expect you to share what you have? Need I remind you that after sharing you still have everything you had before? All that is required of you is that you take some action and use some of your bandwidth to keep this newsgroup alive both for yourself and for tens of thousands of others. 

Some of you may be telling yourselves that I am guilty of doing the same thing you're doing, nothing that is. Well that's not true. The last post I see in August of last year ... I posted that.  I am very well aware of the tremendous resource this newsgroup has been for me and I am hereby announcing it's rebirth. I can do that.  I've done it before though it was more than a decade ago and I am doing it again. So take note children. This is how you bring a newsgroup back to life.  I intend to post the following sample collections:

Sony_-_Vince Andrews Horns & Woodwinds

That's just the first batch.  More will be coming.  

Why Sony?  Because they seem to have divested themselves from the audio sample market.  Also because I was able to make music I really liked using primarily Sony samples and the Acid Pro sequencer. You can too. I want to remind people of what music should be like.  Too much on the radio and too many sample collections released today are utter rubbish. The Lo-Fi and glitch trends along with the ridiculous new techno genres like Brazilian Bass are all a bunch of noise with no redeeming value whatsoever. I cannot believe people have any interest in them at all. I am posting samples that I acquired years and years ago to show you how things have changed.  You should be asking yourselves if the changes have been for the better.  In my opinion the lo-fi and glitch bullshit that seems so popular today is poison for the brain. It's music that is best suited to offing yourself ... if I had to listen to this crap for any length of time I would be seriously considering blowing my brains out. The samples are the same ... they come pre-ruined and leave me feeling like the world has had all of the joy and beauty destroyed and what remains leaves no capacity for hope and nobody left to love or to be loved by. I am a deeply committed optimist so naturally these  feelings are deeply repugnant to me. I will not live in such a world, nor will I sit idly by while the world is painted with that kind of brush. That is why I am posting now. I am going to bring this newsgroup back to live so that it will continue to be a resource for years to come. That is within my power.

Are you happy with the way the world is changing? What do you intend to do about it? It doesn't have to be a big change in order to make a difference.